So it’s been a minute…

Hi friends!

I have left this blog unattended for far too long! Since my last post I have been to New York (for the PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo) and Chicago (for my internship at Phlearn). Strangely enough, I don’t really have much to say besides the fact that these past couple of weeks have been both extremely exciting and exhausting.

The other week, I had my brother, his friend Kristine, Chloe LaPoupe (the golden retriever), and Angus (my pup) in the studio for a headshot session. It was a silly time had by all. 🙂


I used 3 Einstein 640s, one in an octobox on a boom stand, one in a strip box on the right for an accent light, and the last with a reflector and 20˚ grid for the background.