Hillary Clinton • Town Hall • Las Vegas, NV

2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-39Covering this event was an absolutely amazing experience. Hundreds of Las Vegans stood outside in the sweltering 107 degree heat to support Hillary on this day– some as early as 6AM. Hillary answered a lot of really great questions and she had a lot of really great answers to boot. I am wishing her all of the luck as she continues on her rigorous campaign trail!
2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-32015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-9 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-42015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-62015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-52015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-12 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-82015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-112015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-17 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-19 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-202015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-222015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-252015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-24 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-29 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-212015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-30 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-35 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-382015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-46 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-482015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-402015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-54 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-49This young lady asked, “Do you think when you’re president you’ll be paid as much as if you were a male?”
See it for your yourself in this link!2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-58 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-59 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-61 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-62 2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-64After the town hall meeting was over, all the ropes were removed and supporters bombarded Clinton with their cellphones and the weight of their bodies. This shot was extremely difficult to get.

2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-67

Miranda in the press barrack, hard at work!2015_08_18 - hillary_clinton_kim_newmoney-66Big thanks to my brother, Han, for getting me on the job!

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