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Trinlee Paige • I’m An Auntie! • Pt. II

trinlee_kim_newmoney_014Ain’t she precious?!trinlee_kim_newmoney_002trinlee_kim_newmoney_013trinlee_kim_newmoney_018trinlee_kim_newmoney_016trinlee_kim_newmoney_015trinlee_kim_newmoney_019trinlee_kim_newmoney_023Mama didn’t roam too far!

Since I tend to shoot more photojournalistically, so I thought it fitting to include the not-so-glamourous shots. 🙂
trinlee_kim_newmoney_020trinlee_kim_newmoney_017trinlee_kim_newmoney_021trinlee_kim_newmoney_022This is the behind the scenes set up shot! The source of light was a wonderful sky light and we had her on the top bunk. Trinlee went potty in her diaper in the middle of the shoot and they had to change her. Parenting is difficult, but from what I understand it is well worth it!