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Holy Ghost Tent Revival • The Green Room Series

It just so happened that my great friends, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, had a show here in Los Angeles last night!

I’ve known them since 2008! That’s a long time! Living in Greensboro, North Carolina, I first started getting serious about photography– band photography to be more specific. These guys were, hands down, my favourite band to photograph. From being on a big meadow stage with them in the brightest, highest-noon sun you could imagine to working around crazy dancing fans in extremely low light settings– being on the road with these guys really shaped the way that I photograph people today.

They’re classy gentlemen who know a damn thing or two about the instruments that they play. If you guys are into 60’s rock and roll, I would HIGHLY recommend giving these guys a listen. If you’re not, you should still listen to them… because they’re just that amazing!

holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney01 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney02 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney03 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney05 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney08 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney09 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney10 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney11 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney12

holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney13There was really no way for me not to include this one. It’s just so ridiculous.

holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney14 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney15

My friend Britt came along for the night! Fun fact: She is also from North Carolina and was in one of Holy Ghost Tent Revival’s music videos! 🙂
holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney17 holy_ghost_tent_revival_kim_newmoney18Special thanks to Evoke Emotion Photography for snapping these ones. 😀