Band Portrait Session • Reptar • Breathers

breathers_reptar02It’s always so great to see old east coast friends on the west coast! Both Breathers and Reptar made time to have a portrait session with me in both the venue they were play (Club Bahia, which had a fairly large section of loose red chairs) and in their bad ass green room (which was an old school Hollywood trailer). They are both really great bands and also really hilarious people!

Give them a listen at:
breathers_reptar07 breathers_reptar08breathers_reptar05 breathers_reptar09 breathers_reptar10 breathers_reptar12breathers_reptar11 breathers_reptar13 Snapped during their soundcheck:
breathers_reptar14 breathers_reptar15 breathers_reptar16 breathers_reptar17 breathers_reptar18 breathers_reptar19 breathers_reptar20 breathers_reptar21Outtakes that were too good to not include:
breathers_reptar03breathers_reptar06Plus me. 🙂