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Portrait Session • Julia Loken • Pt. II

Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney_yellow-3Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-23Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-27Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-16Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-14Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-7Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-5Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-25Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-24Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-6Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-8Julia_Loken_Kim_Newmoney-9Selfie! I am forever grateful for my 20mm lens!
Julia_Loken_Thumbs_UpTHUMBS UP!


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