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Nevada Townhall and Democratic Dinner


I few weeks ago, I documented Hillary Clinton’s visit to Nevada. We started at the Sun City Anthem Community Center for a meet-and-greet with volunteers and supporters, followed by a town hall with locals. Then later made our way to the MGM Grand Conference Center for the Nevada Democratic Dinner where fellow Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, also spoke. This was all done in preparation for the caucuses this month.

Over an entire day (and honestly the past couple of months), I have watched as Hillary’s volunteers have done everything they can to show support. These guys really are dedicated to ensuring that Hillary will be our next president.

NV_battleground_caucus02NV_battleground_caucus04NV_battleground_caucus05NV_battleground_caucus01NV_battleground_caucus06NV_battleground_caucus07NV_battleground_caucus08NV_battleground_caucus09NV_battleground_caucus11NV_battleground_caucus12NV_battleground_caucus13aNV_battleground_caucus17NV_battleground_caucus15NV_battleground_caucus14NV_battleground_caucus16NV_battleground_caucus18NV_battleground_caucus19NV_battleground_caucus20NV_battleground_caucus21NV_battleground_caucus22NV_battleground_caucus23NV_battleground_caucus24NV_battleground_caucus26NV_battleground_caucus25NV_battleground_caucus27NV_battleground_caucus30NV_battleground_caucus31NV_battleground_caucus29MANY thanks to my brother, Han, for enabling me access to all of these places (and Miranda for processing my images throughout the day).


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