Comedy, Funny People

A Night at Mariposa Mansion • Hosted by Joey Long & Nik Dodani

Mariposa_Mansion-5It was such a fun night at Mariposa Mansion’s backyard comedy show! It was especially bustling with people, even though it was a secret show!

Your Hosts!
Joey Long
Nik Dodani

Melissa Villaseñor
Heather Pasternak
Eddie Della Siepe
Brian Moses
Jenni Ross
Jake Adams

House Band!
Bear Brass Band

Mariposa_Mansion-17Mariposa_Mansion-148Mariposa_Mansion-7Mariposa_Mansion-14Mariposa_Mansion-96 Mariposa_Mansion-2Mariposa_Mansion-113Mariposa_Mansion-26Mariposa_Mansion-10Mariposa_Mansion-32Mariposa_Mansion-150Mariposa_Mansion-9 Mariposa_Mansion-57 Mariposa_Mansion-38Mariposa_PanoMariposa_Mansion-64 Mariposa_Mansion-63Mariposa_Mansion-61Mariposa_Mansion-67Mariposa_Mansion-68Mariposa_Mansion-73Mariposa_Mansion-92 Mariposa_Mansion-78 Mariposa_Mansion-79 Mariposa_Mansion-83 Mariposa_Mansion-87 Mariposa_Mansion-88 Mariposa_Mansion-54Mariposa_Mansion-124Mariposa_Mansion-143Mariposa_Mansion-162Mariposa_Mansion-138The man with the plans!Mariposa_Mansion-107 An extra special guest! My best friend, Tina, flew in from North Carolina! It was really nice showing her what my life is like in the big ole pond.


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