Behind the Scenes, Comedy, Funny People, The Green Room Series

Neil Hamburger • The Satellite • Jack Black

It was pretty neat hanging out at Neil Hamburger’s comedy show this past weekend!

This month’s roster included:
Jack Black
James Adomian
Sam Simmons
Dynasty Handbag
Ali Liebegott
& of course, Neil Hamburger!

Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-5  Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-10 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-6  Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-22 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-15Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-19Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-25 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-32 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-36      Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-44Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-42Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-39Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-40Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-48 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-50  Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-58 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-54Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-60  Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-64 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-61  Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-83 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-84 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-88 Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-90  Neil_Hamburger_Kim_Newmoney-100


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