Church • Upright Citizens Brigade Sunset


Had a great time hanging out backstage at Upright Citizens Brigade on Sunset to photograph the happenings of weekly comedy show, Church. You guys should check it out, it happens every Sunday!

This week’s lineup included Pete Holmes, Jay Weingarten, Dave Ross, Megan Neuringer, Liquid Feet, Jackie Kashian, and Brody Stevens.

church_kim_newmoney-4 church_kim_newmoney-5 church_kim_newmoney-7 church_kim_newmoney-8 church_kim_newmoney-11 church_kim_newmoney-51church_kim_newmoney-58church_kim_newmoney-16 church_kim_newmoney-18church_kim_newmoney-22church_kim_newmoney-29 church_kim_newmoney-30 church_kim_newmoney-23church_kim_newmoney-32church_kim_newmoney-20church_kim_newmoney-33 church_kim_newmoney-35 church_kim_newmoney-37 church_kim_newmoney-41 church_kim_newmoney-47 church_kim_newmoney-48church_kim_newmoney-49church_kim_newmoney-52church_kim_newmoney-56 church_kim_newmoney-57


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