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Chúc mừng năm mới! • Happy Lunar New Year!

I was extremely excited to finally attend the Tet Parade in Westminster, California this year! My parents have been wanting to go to this affair since they first installed a satellite dish in their home (2007). To clarify, the Vietnamese-American channels covered this event annually and with giddy eyes, my parents would watch. Having recently moving out to California, I’ve been occasionally checking to see if my are feet still there. They are seriously drenched with all these rich cultures and subcultures… I’m wondering when they’ll get soggy enough to just come right off. Gross, I know.

The Vietnamese community is lively and as you’ll see depicted below, very proud of its heritage. This one’s for you, Mom and Dad. Can’t wait until you guys make it out next year when you visit!
tet-2015-kim-newmoney02 tet-2015-kim-newmoney15 tet-2015-kim-newmoney03tet-2015-kim-newmoney20 tet-2015-kim-newmoney24 tet-2015-kim-newmoney04tet-2015-kim-newmoney40tet-2015-kim-newmoney41 tet-2015-kim-newmoney05 tet-2015-kim-newmoney06 tet-2015-kim-newmoney07 tet-2015-kim-newmoney08 tet-2015-kim-newmoney09tet-2015-kim-newmoney10 tet-2015-kim-newmoney11tet-2015-kim-newmoney13 tet-2015-kim-newmoney14tet-2015-kim-newmoney46 tet-2015-kim-newmoney16 tet-2015-kim-newmoney19tet-2015-kim-newmoney17 tet-2015-kim-newmoney18tet-2015-kim-newmoney21 tet-2015-kim-newmoney22tet-2015-kim-newmoney25 tet-2015-kim-newmoney26 tet-2015-kim-newmoney27 tet-2015-kim-newmoney28 tet-2015-kim-newmoney29 tet-2015-kim-newmoney30 tet-2015-kim-newmoney31 tet-2015-kim-newmoney32 tet-2015-kim-newmoney33 tet-2015-kim-newmoney34 tet-2015-kim-newmoney35 tet-2015-kim-newmoney37 tet-2015-kim-newmoney36tet-2015-kim-newmoney38 tet-2015-kim-newmoney39tet-2015-kim-newmoney42 tet-2015-kim-newmoney43 tet-2015-kim-newmoney44 tet-2015-kim-newmoney45tet-2015-kim-newmoney47 tet-2015-kim-newmoney48tet-2015-kim-newmoney12tet-2015-kim-newmoney49tet-2015-kim-newmoney50 tet-2015-kim-newmoney51


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