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Noor & Ahmad • Castle McCulloch • Jamestown, NC

Noor and Ahmad’s wedding affair was my first Lebanese wedding. I really had no idea what to expect! For anybody who doesn’t know– when the bride and groom first enter the reception, a circle is formed and everyone takes a turn dancing with the couple. During all of this, the guests clap to the traditional upbeat Lebanese music touting over the reception hall. I really had never seen anything like it!

At a certain point, someone would start a chain and lead it through the crowd until everyone’s hands were linked. I would occasionally look for my second shooter and find him just as trapped as I was in this cluster of people. We would then exchange looks of exhilaration and bewilderment. We got so excited talking about the wedding on the way home that I wasn’t paying attention to the speed limit and got pulled over for speeding. Luckily, I got away with a warning. 🙂
moontasem_wedding-1 moontasem_wedding-2 moontasem_wedding-3 moontasem_wedding-4 moontasem_wedding-5 moontasem_wedding-6 moontasem_wedding-7 moontasem_wedding-8 moontasem_wedding-9 moontasem_wedding-10 moontasem_wedding-13
moontasem_wedding-15 moontasem_wedding-16 moontasem_wedding-17 moontasem_wedding-18 moontasem_wedding-20 moontasem_wedding-21 moontasem_wedding-22 moontasem_wedding-24 moontasem_wedding-25 moontasem_wedding-26 moontasem_wedding-27 moontasem_wedding-28 moontasem_wedding-29 moontasem_wedding-30 moontasem_wedding-31 moontasem_wedding-32 moontasem_wedding-33 moontasem_wedding-34 moontasem_wedding-35 moontasem_wedding-37 moontasem_wedding-39 moontasem_wedding-40 moontasem_wedding-41 moontasem_wedding-43 moontasem_wedding-44 moontasem_wedding-45 moontasem_wedding-46 moontasem_wedding-47


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