Breaking the Wall

We were prompted to find a statistic to base an infographic on. In my internet musings, I found that 8 out of 10 clinically depressed people do not seek help with their depression. I envisioned ten chairs with a person sitting in each and also decided that I would only have “first years” in this photograph. First years are basically the freshman of the photo program.

I know it was just last year for me, but a lot has happened in order for me and my fellow classmates to get to where we are in our second year. I remember when I first started in the program, the second and first years were segregated in a way that I couldn’t really describe. There was always a sort of tension between the two groups.

So, basically, I wanted to break the wall this year. I could have chosen my fellow classmates that I have photographed a million times over, but decided to do something a little different. I picked people at random and boy I am glad! I instantly felt the awkwardness go away within the first five minutes of the shoot.


I decided to have eight of the models burrow their faces in their hands to symbolize the eight that do not seek help and have the remaining two to look at the camera.


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