“You are not alone.”

Three years ago, I had made the realization that though I was constantly surrounded by people, I felt alone. This realization spawned an idea for a photo series entitled “You are not alone.”

I intend on these images to end up in a book where each turn of the page features someone who is alone in their setting. The lighting and the fact that they’re the only one in each photo looking at the camera would highlight them as the main character. This book will be intended for people who identify themselves as feeling alone. The whole premise is that as they turn the page, they will be making eye contact with someone who is also alone. So therefore– the viewer and the subject in the photo will share a moment alone, together.


I’d like to thank Joe Scott, owner of Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema, for letting me take this photo of my brother in this setting. Kendall is the host of a weekly event called “Drink and Draw” where people come in and draw a picture according to the theme that he gives them– all of course while drinking. As I plan to prompt all of my subjects: I asked Kendall to express himself in a way that he feels alone. Here is the expression he gave the camera.

I really look forward to continue shooting this series for the rest of my life. I am curious to see where these pictures will take place. After all, who knows where I will even be in the next year, let alone in the next ten.


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