“Just Add Good”

We were assigned to bring in advertisements that we liked for class. Upon arrival, we were told to recreate the ads. Had I known that that was the case, I maybe would have choosen things that I actually owned! Finding nutmeg as large as the one in the photograph that I had choosen had proven to be difficult along with cute little containers as pictured in my tearsheet. Everything else, I did not mind buying. 🙂

Here is a top and bottom comparison of my shot [top] and the original [bottom]. I am not too pleased with my shot only because I know I could have done a better job! I had scheduled to have it done in three hours but it was very clear by the end of my time slot that it was not enough time. Also, I honestly don’t think that eating off a piece of plywood appears to be very appetizing! Food styling is tough!
Here is my set up. I was using a Speedotron 2403cx, a Farrell Light, and a scrim propped up against the ladder as fill.


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