Our Generation

For this assignment, we had to sketch three ideas and exchange them with members in our group. Then, we had to direct the shoot that we designed. This is the picture I took for my classmate David. I picked his sketch because I really wanted to photograph his concept… which is beyond the Pringles themselves (oh, did I mention that we were required to make these ads for Pringles?).

I feel as though my generation has to have an online presence to feel like they are being present at all, which is quite honestly, very sad. To have to prove to others that things did in fact happen and that there are pictures and videos to prove it just takes away from the moment that you were standing in. I even feel like a lot of people these days are faking happiness and broadcasting on a larger scale than in the past. It’s strange, really strange.

Anyway, here is the photo that I took. It speaks to me in volumes about our generation.


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