“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I find that in order to wish and advocate for peace, one must have had a troubled past or at least have seen some terrible things. Hear me out, I know it sounds a bit peculiar… but I find that most advocates for peace that I have seen, read about, or met all have had a particular reason for how they feel. I for one know that I have my yearnings for everyone to get along. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on the rails knowing how bad things can actually get and most of the time it feels like peace is a fruitless endeavor. I don’t know if we will get there. Maybe something will happen where everyone just realizes that we’re all in this together. Maybe an alien invasion on Earth.

Anyway, this is the way I decided to convey the famous Ghandi quote:

To me, perspective is everything. The beauty of perspective is sometimes you can share it with others.

If all you see are terrible things– chances are that it’s possible to change how you see them. Life can actually be pretty great at times and being able to point it out to others is a privilege. Take advantage of it when it happens and when you’re down, you can bet your behind someone will pick up the slack for you.

So, in search of this little girl and her mother, I decided to wing it. Since I stay in Asheboro during the week, I decided to go to the local McDonald’s and found this wonderful family in the playground area. Upon being told that there was no time to have their children photographed, Yessi and her brother invited me to their house. I am so grateful that they did! Their girls (there were three!) were precious. They were extremely excited to show me their trampoline and all of their toys. When it was time to leave, the youngest one, Naomi started to cry. In the middle of crying, I asked her to smile and I snapped this picture.

And here is a picture of Yessi and her bebegirl also.
kim_newmoney_yessi_babyI spent a good hour at this sweet and loving home. This is one of those instances where I say that I love how random life can be.


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