For the Love of Hasselblad

I have been shooting with the Hasselblad 500cm for 4 years now. I have been to music festivals with it, many a stranger’s home with it, to different states with it– you get the picture (that was unintentionally punny). It is one of the loves of my life. Unfortunately, the Hasselblad that I am talking about is at my other home about 45 minutes from the studio so I decided to just use another one for the shot. So much for that story.

Any who, I decided to go for a more retro/modern feel for this promo. Luckily for me, all I had to really do was put the Hasselblad in the frame. I was going for a more contrasty shot since the Hasselblad itself is high contrast with it’s leather and chrome outfit. The silhouettes in the background were to mock a sort of studio shoot. I liked the minimalistic approach to where there are no light stands or gobos in the shot. Just the photographer, the model, and the camera.



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