The Musings of a Photography Student

For one of our major assignments, we have been assigned a panorama. As soon as the word “panorama” hit my ear, I knew I wanted something darker and dramatic.

I have been feeling a bit outlandish as of late. In my youth, I have been presented with this opportunity to utilize so many things: this humungous space provided by the Photography Department of RCC, the brains of wonderful professors (who also happen to be great people), and so much equipment! Emphasis on the equipment!

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me why I am in this program. It’s usually much a surprise when they find out that I’m in school, even. I am here because I feel like I have so much to learn. I may have a lot of experience in the professional field (after all, it is how I pay for my education and, really, my life) but I feel like I will never know enough. I’ve always been hungry to learn more.


So, here it is. My panorama! I feel as though it thoroughly depicts everything I’ve been feeling lately. Just dark, lonely, curious, and whimsical (only it’s my good friend Lindsey in my place).


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