Hop in!

After a very short two and a half week break (does it count if you worked the whole time?) from school, we’re back at it again. I know when I enrolled into the program that my butt was going to get kicked but I wasn’t sure exactly to what extent and duration that it would be pelted for.

I remember when I started exactly one year ago– noting all  the funny looks that the second years gave us. I understand now… you have to earn your spot here in the program. You have to cry a couple of times, assume the fetal position at least once, get sick of your classmates’ faces after having to photograph them so many times, dry your hands out with developer, stop bath, and fixer to understand what it means to be a second year… and that last run-on sentence barely scratches the surface!

Anyway, the point is that this program is so serious that we even got assignments on the first day back from break! This is nothing new, however, I think that subconsciously I was hoping the first week would be little to no work– WRONG. Below is my shot for our “Dairy Assignment”. Our instructor was inspired by all the advertisements he saw on his trip driving through Wisconsin over the break, so he decided to give us this assignment to see how creative we could get. The only premises were that the picture has to measure out to exactly 8″ by 10.5″ and it had to be shot in the studio while giving you the illusion that it was in your home.

I pictured a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, Netflix queued on the laptop, my bed, and night time. I picked ice cream because I knew it would be a challenge since it melts. In the fifteen minute window that I had to shoot the ice cream that I spent 45 minutes crafting, I could even see it melting through my view finder!

This is what I dream about you guys! Just crawling into bed and being there for a while. Ah, that would be nice…


I used a Broncolor Primo 4 3200 Powerpack at 1/8th power, two flash head units (one with softbox for fill/side lighting and the other with a snoot for a little bit of “hair light”… or “ice cream light”?).

F/stop: f/13
Shutter Speed: 6 seconds (for ambient light from the laptop)
ISO: 100



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