Here’s to Summer (Kinda)!

I have just survived the wretched first summer semester of the Photography program at Randolph Community College! From what I hear, it has been this brutal since it started in the mid 60’s. But honestly, I am a little skeptical that we have it that hard. We have digital cameras now. We can “chimp” (look at the back of our camera after taking a picture) now. We can shoot something and turn it in within an hour. It has been bitter sweet taking the last ever Large Format class here, but I know that there is no way to miss something without it being gone.

Having said that, as I was going through this year, I know I struggled with certain things that I had going on in and outside of school but I know I will look back at this year and miss it a lot. Below is a picture I took a couple weeks ago (sadly it wasn’t this week). I am grateful for friends who have always been there and extra grateful for all the awesome opportunities that always seem to happen upon my path. I wish I could say that I am now en route to the mountains to get away for the rest of the summer– but I just can’t. I have work to do. And lots of it.


In other news: The Love Language music video I participated in just debuted on Pitchfork!


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