That’s So Metal

We have been sent on a mission to shoot a metal object in the studio. As it seemed that my future with a cheese grater in the studio was inevitable, I thought it’d be a good idea to bring in my mini cheese grater to “spice things up”. Clearly, I like to live on the edge (so much sarcasm is being missed here)!

I had fun shooting this assignment. Maybe it’s my slightly delusional mind, but this photograph sort of reminds me of a building, maybe a miniature model of a skyscraper. I think the green fabric and “overcast grey sky” makes me think so.

ImageLCD Soundsystem! 


One thought on “That’s So Metal

  1. lindseyawarren says:

    LOL I love your title. It makes me think it’s a baby cheese grater on the daddy cheese grater’s shoulders

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