Late Night Dwellings

Sleep is like sand. It can be sparse and with no effort it can be easily lost between the slots of your fingers.  But let’s not forget how clumpy it can get when it’s wet! Or even, situationally, it can be something that you can’t escape. It will follow you everywhere when it wants to. Sometimes you just can’t control it. It will find ways to creep into the cracks of the shoes you wear day in and day out. Lately, I have been losing sleep and falling asleep in all of the wrong places.

The neighbors in my apartment complex must think I am crazy. In the darkest/latest of night I had strung some Christmas lights on a dowel (that rested on light stands) and plugged them into my Vagabond Mini battery pack along with an AlienBee 800 and brought it outside.

Anyway, here is a picture I took of Lindsey for our “Bokeh Assignment”.

ImageLCD Soundsystem!


One thought on “Late Night Dwellings

  1. lindseyawarren says:

    That was a very poetic/interesting thought about sleep. You know I can relate.

    I might be stealing this photo from here one of these days for the facebook. 😉

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