Gap in the Clouds

With one more month of school left and a good handful (or rather, avalanche) of deadlines to meet, I am finding that my schedule went from “Intermediate to Advanced” in two seconds flat. And man, this weather has been quite the antithesis for summer.

Last week I had shot a baseball game where it started to rain halfway through the game. The sky turned the richest gold and rain clouds unpredictably closed in from all directions, it was unlike anything I have seen before. They were literally going against the grain of each other. As everyone scattered for shelter, I just stood there staring up at the sky and witnessed the nicest moment– there was a strong beam of light piercing through this opening in the clouds. Without even thinking I snapped away with my camera.

Seeing that was a nice reminder that even if the sky is bottoming out on your head, that there is always that one gap in the clouds. Pay close attention to it and appreciate it.


I’m still on a Tennis kick.


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