No time to waste time!

It may sound crazy, but after shooting those two weddings back to back, Devon and I decided to have Father’s Day dinner with his family back in Raleigh and then we headed out to Cat’s Cradle to see Twin Shadow perform.

I had seen them two years ago at a smaller show run by a college so I was not expecting to see this crazy, insane light show this time around. I really started seriously shooting photography five years ago (starting out only in concert photography) and I am fairly certain that this is, hands down, the most difficult show I have ever shot (even harder than Andrew WK)!. Not only did the lead singer/guitarist move a lot– it was pitch black most of the time with the most insane projections cast on them… I’m talking laser beams and stuff! The ones I have here are the ones I managed to get (the less crazy and more illuminated ones).

ImageImageOn my way to the show I was having so many doubts about whether or not I was making a mistake by going to this show. But as soon as I stepped into the venue and the lights went out, all of my doubt went away. Though it feels like I have no time, I have been reminding myself that I am only 24 and need make the most of my youth. I don’t want to think about that one summer that I couldn’t make it to shows or my friend’s birthday parties because of my work load. I have all of my life to settle and “play adult”. I need to embrace the life I have now!


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