So, recently we have been assigned to photograph a product in natural / available light. The premise is that it had to be bigger than a soda can but smaller than a suitcase and it had to be between 80mm and 200mm. I shot two separate products with a week between them and decided that I still was not satisfied with what I had. So, today I made an excuse to get into my apartment complex’s pool while making a third attempt with a different product. I will have to admit that I do not regret this decision.

This year I have realized that sometimes, amidst the chaos, you need to just stop what you’re doing and relax. The funny thing is– within an hour of leaving the pool, the craziest storm had blown through our town (I even witnessed a big, bulky trash can be toppled over like it was nothing). Talk about perfect timing!

I’ve been listening to a lot of Tennis lately. They are just one of those bands to listen to while you’re going 80 mph down the highway in the summertime.


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